Shal Marshall for 'Diamonds of Kilimanjaro' at Bacchanal Jamaica Mas Camp

Shal Marshall

Kingston, Jamaica - March 17, 2010 - The soca frenzy at Bacchanal Jamaica’s Mas Camp continues this Friday under the theme Diamonds of Kilimanjaro.

Patrons can expect a live performance from Shal Marshal, with musical styling by DJ Kurt Riley and Omar C from Sparkles Productions.

Shal's songs include the duet with Destra Garcia, Love Somebody, Gal Farm with Kerwin Dubois, Bum Bum Ville, and the smash hit for 2010 carnival, Police, a song he did with writer and friend Trishard Barrington aka Screws.

Shal is considered to be one of the most experienced DJ's in the business; on-air at WEFM in Trinidad for the last 7 years; originally as part of the Jugglers Sound System, and now hosting his own show Monday to Friday.

DJing was not enough for the ambitious young man, and soon he lent his voice to some hot tracks which were released for carnival and made their way into the clubs. Shal is also sought after to do radio ads, host functions and MC events.

Fans were able to put a face to the voice on his Carnival Season show The Net, which developed into his own weekly programme Friday Night Live on Synergy TV.

Regular admission for the event is $600 and the 24k VIP area where patrons get a birds eye view of the performance is $1200.

Soca fans are being urged to get their tickets early, as Bacchanal Fridays tickets have been known to go fast.

Revelers are also encouraged to get their costumes at the Mas Camp for the slated April 11, road march, as many are already sold out.

For further updates please visit the Bacchanal Jamaica website at for the most up-to-date carnival info.