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Dwayne Morgan Signed For 3

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Dwayne Morgan
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Toronto-Lime.com, ON March 11, 2010 - Dwayne Morgan is a household name on the North American Spoken Word Scene. This will be solidified further with next weeks release of Cunnilinguistics: The Sensual Musings of Dwayne Morgan. Cunnilinguistics is the first of three books of Morgan's sensual poetry to be published through a deal with Montreal's Adage edition.

Adage edition co-published Morgan's first French translation 'Le Making of d'un homme' in 2009, with Maelstrom reEvolution in Brussels, Belgium. With the success of that release, and Morgan's popularity steadily on the rise, Adage proposed continuing their relationship.

"This is really good for me right now", says Morgan. "I do a lot of work with young people, but also a lot of performances for more mature audiences. It's great to be able to put my sensual material in its own book, so I can keep that out of the books that the youth access".

Cunnilinguistics will be released this Sunday, March 14th in Montreal, then at Members Only, at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, on Thursday, March 18th, presented by Champagne and Strawberries Ent (www.champagneandstrawberries.ca). There will also be a number of other promotional events for the book including Sexy Sushi at Yorkville's new hot spot, the KOKO!

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