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Jah Cure is not the father of ten-month-old child

Written by Bandit on .

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Singer Jah Cure is now requesting privacy following DNA test results that revealed that he is not the father of a child as was previously claimed.

The singer yesterday released a statement after getting the results of the paternity test on Tuesday.

There has been ongoing controversy on the Internet surrounding the paternity of the child in question. Rumours have been circulating that Jah Cure was not the father early into the babymother's pregnancy and persisted up until recently.

Yesterday the reports continued when it was revealed that the test that the singer took confirmed that he was not the father of the ten-month-old girl. Rumours have also been circulating that the child's father could be another entertainer or person involved in the business.

Efforts to contact the mother were unsuccessful.

According to Jah Cure's release, he has been supporting the mother of the child throughout her pregnancy and when the child was born.

The release said, "now that the DNA test has been done and it has been shown that he is not the father, Jah Cure wishes to move on. The fact is that the most important individual in this whole affair is the child and the longer that this continues the more damage is being done to the child. Jah Cure will not now abandon the child but wishes that the media respect the privacy of the parties as the child is indeed innocent and did not contribute to the mistakes of the adults involved."

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