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Once upon a time there was a group of three DJs that had an idea and a vision. It was a vision to destigmatise "the reggae party." We felt there were many others like us that loved Reggae music as much as we do but had to convince club owners of Toronto that this could be a safe and fun party. It was the owner/manager of a small club named Granite Lounge that wasn't afraid and perhaps shared our vision of an event that not only celebrated the life of a visionary named Bob Marley but many others like Bob in this great genre of music called Reggae...thus the birth of Redempion. Redemption was and is the place where friends could redeem the euphoria of a "classic" reggae party. Not only with reggae classics but with also the elements of a typical reggae event as we would enjoy in the heat of the carribbean or in the basement of our parents' house.

The word spread like an uncontrolable wildfire. Finally there was something for us to cherish and enjoy. Something we loved so dearly in an enviroment that was safe. People knew that even though they had found something that answered their musical desires, it had to be cherished and almost kept as a best kept secret. Too many great events had come and gone in the blink of an eye. This best kept secret was definitely not to remain a secret though...the numbers grew exponentially and as Redemption outgrew venue after venue...it started to become risky to do the event and it got close to becoming the very thing we set out to not create. Funny enough...the very same venue owner that had faith of the event in the beginning shed some insite as well as opened some doors of the larger venues. Reluctanty, Redemption was accepted and to this day Redemption still holds the record for largest bar sales EVER! That was all the reason they needed to become believers themselves.

The love the three of us have had for Redemption has been expressed in the quality we have presented over the years. We constantly believe in making our fellow Redemption lovers happy and completely satisfied. We totally believe in giving something to people for their hard-earned dollar and people have recognized that over the years. Over the years there are many that have come to Redemption because it was/is the "IN" thing. Some of those people became die hard followers, some never come back because they realized we're a cult! A cult that comes through the doors, receives a CD, maybe get a towel, see a surprise guest artist, meet with an old friend they hadn't seen in years, get a T-shirt, dance all night to old and new reggae, get a poster/calander, and then get a rose on the way out. Why do we do all of this...It's because once again we VALUE your dollar! AS A MATTER OF FACT some may say in REDEMPTION YOU TRUST! Why? Because when we say we're bringing Buju Banton on a particular day...bet your bottom dollar he will be there. When we say there's is a big special guest...Wayne Wonder walks on the stage...or Cobra makes girls flex, or JC Lodge says how much we love you...or...actually you know what...I won't go on cause we could be here for another 10 years just describing to you our passion and what we've accomplished. The bottom line is, WE'VE ACCOMPLISHED 10 YEARS OF REDEMPTION...THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SERIES OF ALL TIME IN CANADA!

COME CELEBRATE THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SERIES OF ALL TIME, IN CANADA, REDEMPTION. COME CELEBRATE THE BIRTHDAY OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL REGGAE ARTIST OF ALL TIME...On the weekend the most succesful artist of all time was born Bob Marley. FRIDAY FEBUARY 5TH is the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF REDEMPTION, inside Sound Academy, with Lots of Surprise Guests which we will announce as time gets closer to the event. However please keep in mind with every announcement means the increase of the ticket price. So if in "Redemption You Trust" GET YOUR TICKETS WHEN THEY'RE RELEASED!

Play De Record - downtown (south central) 416-586-0380
Treasure Isle Records - uptown (north central) 416-787-7615
Nappy's - markham (north east) 905-948-0884
Broadway Fashions - scarborough (east) 416-283-6999
Mona's Roti - scarborough (east) 416-412-1200
Broadway Fashions - scarb town centre(east) 416-283-6999
Nicey's - scarborough/north york 416-497-9717
Essense Barber Shop - ajax 905-428-3264
2 Lined Music - (scarborough) 416-264-3999
Lloyd 1hr Photo- (etobicoke) 416-749-0433
Charlie's - mississauga SQ 1 (west) 905-896-3663
Broadway Fashions - mississauga SQ 1 (west) 905-848-4823
Majestic Salon - mississauga (west) NEW 905-268-1111
Nicey's - brampton 905-450-6045

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